Friday, February 4, 2011

my turn

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All of the prizes are gorgus to keep for yourslf or to give as gifts. and super eezy to enter th contest! truth!

I'v ben a tad MIA. I'v ben acused of steeling my own photograph. and it has gon so far as to etsy removing it from my store, simply on the wrrd of this person. enraged is an undrstatmnt of how i feel. to make mattrs wrrse, this is spose to be confidentl on etsy, but ther was a forum thred! yeh! totly dissing me. i felt awful. but whn askd ovr and ovr if she had a high res photo, she ignord th questn.
I have my feet bak under me and am filing a counter appeal.

whew! just wantd to let ya no, i havnt frgottn ya. and, i'd like to be selfish now sinse I have featured the othr shops, i'd like to feature my own.
as my prize, i have offered "hide my heart". but the winner is more than welcome to choose an 8x10 of any floral print. some to consider are below.
Done in paint, this Black Eyed Susans is 1 of my persnl faves

calld "Pink", the heart of a perfect Petunia

A ravishing Iris, For the Love of Rhoswen

Dosnt this Bed of Fuchsia make you just want to fall and lay in it?

Done in pastels, Winters last roses hold on thru to February

Done, agen in pastels, the strength and beauty of winter's last roses draw me near

Two Beautiful.......wodnt yuo agree?

Just a small sample, you can find at my etsy shop, Through Saras Eyes

Thank you for sharing a cup of coffee wth me. Have a grate day!

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  1. So sorry you went through this, Sara....glad you filed a counter appeal.
    Love your photos: keep 'em coming!