Tuesday, February 8, 2011


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Ok. the storm has abated. The rain is still mist, in the air, feeling good on my skin and in my lungs. my skin prickls with it. I am soked to the bone and it feels good. cleen. I am well.

The melodrama of 'that' pic~while i still manetane tthat it is indeed my own, of all the copys i have i cannot find the RAW data. so we wont contest on etsy. BUT. this person ses she took a photo of roses on her kichen table in February of '09. Thru our 'net serch, we came up with over 40 copys.(if yuo no me persnly, yuo will remembr the chain email debacl? yes?thats when i thnk ths all hapnd)
but her claim of Feb '09 is telling. We found a high res image on the American Greetings Webshots site with an upload date of October 2008. Thats rite.
RITE HEER, for your vewing pleshur. 

SO. the 8-page forum thred calling me a skank and evrythng els under the sun can now be file 13-nd in my brain. she is what she clamed me thru that thred to be. When I used that photograph, even my husband remembrs it and is frustratd we cant find the RAW in all the copys. but it IS all over tthe web. her claim tthat i somehow magicly transformd a 75pixel x75pixel avatar into a hi res print of 2100 x 1700 is laffabl. not even possible.
I'd like tto point owt my NON-USE of any wrrds defaming her. I have simply sed truth heer. and I needed it. and hay. its my blog. she had her hayday on the etsy forum. of whicch im very disapointd in.



My mother's birthday is Feb 10. Her favrit color is yellow. so this is my tribute to her. I love you Mom! Thank yuo for teechng me to alwas play!

Thank yuo for sharing a cup of coffee with me! Have a grate day!

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