Thursday, February 10, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! and Welp! Heer Thay Are! Winners to owr mega giveaway, TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!

Ben alot of fun. get to meet new peeps. trade blogs. get owr creativ juses flowing.
I'd like to start wth a hartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!! i love yuo.

And wth no frrthr ado, The Academy presents owr winners! thay wer eech assined #s, and pulled from this morning.

in Juliet Armstrong's giveaway the winner is
Egare1 ! I will be sendng an email, as will Juliet.
We apreshate all who playd!

Next up, my own giveaway , 
the winner is
pridelandmama ! I willl be sending an email.
We apreshate all who playd!

Next up, Deborah has 2 giveaways, so eech person was assined 2 #s. 
the winners are
asuka! and Dana! I and Deborah will be sending emails.
We apreshate all who playd!

Next up is Kathy Fry's giveaway
(note, she is in Puerto Rico at the moment, lol, she wil attend as soon as she gets back)
the winner is
Nancy! and I will be sending an email.
We apreshate all who playd!

Next up is NTJ's giveaway
the winner is
Judespreitzer! I will send email.
We apreshate all who playd!

and I reely reely DO apreshate yuo all! the shop owners who offerd prizes, the contest peeps who enterd, and my reeders who pop in and say 'hi' and mabe show my page to ther peeps.

thanks so mcch for sharing this fun and a cup of coffee wth me today! have a grate day!     


  1. Yay, I'm so happy!
    Thank you for having the giveaway. :)

  2. Sara worked very hard on this and we all owe her a bog THANK YOU for this giveaway!

    Thank You sweet Sara and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you mom!!