Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 361~Copter Chase!

My lovly dauter desided to acdently share her sicky/icky wth me. bless her hart. so tday i wantd to go OWT and do SOMTHNG bfor i start going downhill. "Dont waste the UP time!"
we were driving randmly, enjoyng convo, whatevr.
Sdnly we see this huge ass bizare lookng helicopter wth a big block suspnded underneeth it! Tom like sudnly maks a U-Trrn off onto a trucking distrbushn lot, and spit gravl evrwher! it was sereusly totly "COPS". we got to th end, he leftd it, and ii jumpd owt startd snappng away wt my camra. TOO COOL FR SCOOL!
Aquarians alwas manaj an adventur when needed. this one rockd.

So far, so good on the whol 'living forevr' thing.

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