Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 352~dug owt of the blankys, did ya give up on me?

c'mon, yuo can tell. i no ya did. tipicl aquarius, alwas startng and nevr finishng. but not ths time. it is day 352, and tho i didnt blogg thees days i still livd them. wth prrpos and metholgy. and coffing and sore throt and .....i'l stop ther.
BUT what yuo DO need to no is i kept my promises. i got owtside. i have continud to look at my eating and am makng chanjs i can live wth a littl at a time. i am giving myslf a brake on the 'strength' bit cos of this blasted cold. but part of ths whol year long thng is to lern to treet myslf like my own best frend. SO. thats wht im doing. no no no, sara dont wory, its ok to take a showr and get bak into pjs. and yes a banana and nyquil cownts fr suppr.
iv ben shootng a serys of Tom's guitar, and vry exsitd to wrrk wth them. just as soon as i get rid of this ungodly headake.
que sera sera

heer. if yuo evr need to no wher yuor keys are, just google.

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