Friday, May 28, 2010

ok. makng up fr 2 DAYS heer. ystrday, Day 363, was scan test fest day. the rest of my day was sacrfised to IV valium, just cos i got a bit upset and sombdy freekd owt. anyway, i was parkd in my reclinr and prety mcch ws down fr the cownt.

whn i DID wake up i was pissd. the day was gone, did i do my exrsizes???? i was quikly ashurd.....that...uh....YA thats wt tday was all abowt? lol oh, ok.
so THAT was day 363

TODAY is Day 362. spose to be thundrstorms. i dowt i'l be abl to do a wheelchare walk. but yuo bet i'l be owt ther som how! oh i love th rain. and i dont take lightning for grantd. 2yrs of not being abl to see it due to seezurs has givn me a new sens of apreshashn for it.
i AM stil takng it eezy, cos of stil being wiggl leggd frm ystrday. but i have 2 books to wrrk on that wil keep me bisy. i WILL finish em.

i'm gona add a questn a day.

What was yuor favrit candy as a child and what memry dos it invoke?
(my ansr tmoro)

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