Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Rest of My Life Starts Today! Day 365

To give history isn't importnt rite now. to give goles IS. i feel very capabl of channeling agen. Freed from the quiet poison of fear that had ben consumng me. Research has givn new hope in an oral agent that can cross the blood/brain barrier. Amazng grace indeed. Temozolomide

First a case report: Salvage Therapy With Temozolomide in an Immunocompetent Patient With Primary Brain Lymphoma http://bit.ly/bH3IgR

“The use of new drugs that cross the blood-brain barrier and enhance the efficacy of high-dose methotrexate and radiotherapy with acceptable toxicity should be pursued in recurrent or refractory disease (5). Temozolomide, an oral alkylating agent, is a suitable candidate for clinical study because it permeates the blood-brain barrier, has in vitro additive cytotoxic activity with radiotherapy (6), and shows only mild toxicity, even in patients older than 60 years of age, who represent about 50% of primary brain lymphoma patients and have a high risk of complications (7). “

“To our knowledge, this patient is the first one with primary brain lymphoma who has been treated with temozolomide. The rapid and complete response suggests a potential therapeutic role for temozolomide. A phase II trial to assess its efficacy in relapsed primary brain lymphoma patients would seem to be indicated.”

And so.
my world is trrnd upon end. evr sins i was 'educatd' of my original patholgy.....i have held a terbl burdn. if my ccancer came bak, and the cells wer in my brain, i wod not be up to the task of anothr fite. and in my thots, i have seen owr eldest graduate. my beutifl dauter gave me my grandson. i have seen my imortalty, as a frend sed to me. i wod be ok to die. the rest of my children wod be ok.

and heer is my promis to myslf.
yuo, my brand new reedrs (if yuo exist) are my witneses.
1 year.
50 pnds lost.
total loss of the wheelchare.
of lungs, hart, the musls i do have.
hart rate and bp wthin norml limits.
i'd like to see less drugs, but i gota do wht i gota do. so ths is th only 1 not concret.
a dedicashn to moving howevr i can evry day...
no mattr what.
whn Alexander Nikolai is running in the park nxt summr, he will be tryng to cach up to nana.
ths is my promis to myslf.
and indeed

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