Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well........ok then

During ths year of enlitenmnt, I am going to becom my own best frend. I'm an aquarius. So ther's alredy alot of 'stuff' ther. But the cosmos has playd a nasty trick on this aquarian, in giving me the anxiety and fears that come wth the brain damaj i have.
I cant do anythng abowt that.
but i CAN do somthng abowt how i respond to my crisis, and needs.
my favrit advise to give is 'ride th wave owt', 'go wth it, it wil be ok'.......
time to take my own advise. treet myslf like i wod my own best frend.

i have alot of inner site. i no things. i will start acting on thos thngs rather than just waching them happn.

I have amazing frends. an incredbl netwrrk across the globe. how did ths happn? ME? who slept on the boat dock as a kid? ME? who hid realty from a comunity and a chrrch to be the 'perfct chrrch famly'? ME? who nevr evr felt 'good enuf' for any persn.
yes. me.
i am lovd. cherishd. i have a good rippl efect. a good hart. i'v ben testd by fire and will not brake. and its time for me to lern to like that person that i am.

yestrday was milkd! Today is still new. This is my way of thinkng. A brand new cleen day. Redy for me to fill it up. What will i choose? What will be deemed imprtnt to spend this preshus time on?

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