Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News Fit To Print

102.7 temp
sore throt
"but at leest ya dont have cancer!"
fuck yuo.

Stupid asses who use that line deserv to be smakd rite upside th head.

have yuo ever felt yuo are living in a goodbye song? with Whitney Houston passing, it occurs to me the song she is most popular, Dolly Parton's song, is a goodbye song. to hear it now, wth whitney sing it is soooooo bittersweet.
we must brake owt of that , if it is yuor downfall. go back to Louie Armstrong 'Wonderful Life', and George Harrison 'Heer comes the sun" (whch i sing evry day of my life. evry singl day.)

OK! its short tday, im exosted and feel crappy.

I want to start a new thing. We have owr Author Spotlite, and my own shameless plug. I wod like to add 1 freebee a week.

Rules for the freebee are:
You must follow this blog, pleez and leev a comment saying you are folowing.
Pleez tell me your favrit item in the artist's stor.
Tell me what your favrit shoes are.

Each week that we have activity, we willl have a drawing for the free item.
Sownd fun? I think so.

Today's artisst is 
Steven Daniel
Photographs of LIVE Tree Frogs - REALLY!
Lets take a peak into his whimscl shop, shall we?
Ok I'm hookd.$22 w/$3 shipping

Too Too Cool! $22 w/$3 US shipping
Stellar! $22 w/$3 shipping

I am thinking of decoratng childrens rooms. Whimsical and silly and cute. Give me yuor thots.

5x7 for $10, free shipping in USA and CANADA

This is a limited edition only 100 will be sold, all are numberd. 8x10 giclee fine art print with .25 mounting edge $30

5x7 $10, 8x10 $20

my prints are free shipping in the USA and CANADA, unless othrwise stated.

I am giving away an 8x10. do the steps and comment!

Thanks for being patent with me!


  1. I'm following! Favorite item in Steven's store is this one:


    My favorite shoes have to be either flip flops or my Teva hiking sandals...worn on the BEACH of course!